About Us

Well we are a wonderful and charming happily married couple…  I guess that would depend on who you talk to!  It seems everywhere we go, the people we meet think we are the coolest couple in the world…  Of course I would tend to agree with them.  Sure we have our rough times, but all in all we have GREAT Times and GRAND Adventures.  The Grandest of all was the day we met…

It was on Yahoo Personals, we began chatting in October 2003.  We met for lunch on October 31st, Halloween of all days, at the Flight Deck Restaurant across from the Little Rock Airport.

He had his own trucking brokerage company at the time, and I worked for Falcon Jet, designing corporate airplanes.

He was in the process of getting divorced and I had been divorced for 6 years.  On my personal ad my “tagline” stated that I was looking for an “Outdoor Adventure Partner”.   All I gotta say is be careful for what you wish for, because you might just get it.

During those 6 years I was single I had someone very close to me that I saw with the perfect relationship that I never had.  Someone that she was best friends with… went everywhere together, traveling, and always holding hands.  The perfect couple and I prayed for that.  And I got it!

We may not hold hands all the time, and we may take things for granted from time to time, but if it weren’t for Mike I would not have gotten down some rough roads and tough battles fought.  I once told his sister that he was a gift from God and I thought she was going to fall down laughing.  But I do think everything happens for a reason, even though some things I sure would like to know what God’s reasoning is about some things…

Since we met we have traveled over a gagillion days enjoying numerous activities from climbing Mountain peaks & Snow Skiing in  Colorado to Scuba Diving & sailing thru the jungle on a Zip-line in Honduras to Backpacking in the Tetons to Hiking the trails in Arkansas.  And people wonder why I tell them we don’t take vacations…  We have ADVENTURES!!!

Please check in frequently, because you never know where this website might take you!  And so dear friends, stay in touch…  Laugh, Live, Love, and Enjoy Life to its fullest and Happy Adventures to you all!  And remember…

“To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also Dream; not only plan, but also Believe.”