Adventure Log

Mike and I have done a lot of things since we met back in 2003…  some I would have never guessed I would have done in a million years.  So to keep up with all these Adventures, I have kept and “Adventure Log” of all these things we have done.  From simple day hikes out our back door to multi-day trips to exotic locations.  Some sunny, warm and relaxing to cold, snowy, and strenuous.  But they all have special meaning, especially the hard ones because they are the ones that make us stronger and makes us (actually me) depend on eachother much more.

It has been a long time since our website has been up and running, but we had people all across the country that followed our site and would tell us that they lived vicariously through us, because they would never do the things we did, but loved living them through us.  So I hope we can get more folks on board… so send it out to all your armchair adventurers!  Who knows where you might end up next…

“Life is either a great adventure or nothing”