November 2, 2003 – Arkansas River Bike Trail

Mike decides he can’t keep up with these girls without a better bike!

Our first bike ride together…  Wendy, my sister, gives Mike grief about not having a “Real” bike. You know the part of the “Wizard of OZ” when the Wicked Witch is peddling her bike really fast…  and there is that obnoxious music playing in the background?  That is what he reminded me of, he had to peddle 100 times more then we did to keep up with us.  Mike decides then that he isn’t riding with us again till he has a better bike.

After the ride we spend the rest of the day and part of the evening at Gator’s on the river, listening to Karaoke, trying to get Wendy to sing, and drinking beer (a lot of it), and having a good time getting to know each other.  One of my endearing qualities he says was that I could drink beer for beer and keep up with him.  Is that suppose to be a good thing?

He drives me home and I realized how long it had been since I had gotten any sort of male attention, I finally got a great dose of it… man I forgot what I was missing!