November 6, 2003 – Flying Fish & Willy D’s Dueling Pianos

Our first “REAL” date…

After dinner at Flying Fish in the River Market we were off to Willy D’s.  A must see for all visitors and local residents.

Flying Fish, as I understand it now, is a fish place that serves fried catfish, grilled and boiled shrimp, and who knows what else, but excellent food and neat atmosphere.

Willy D’s is a dueling piano bar that has some real characters playing there.  They have two regulars and then there are visiting players that come in and play for a week or two at a time.  There are usually 3 if not 4 players each night.  A guaranteed good time will be had by all.

Little did we know that this place would end up being our home away from home…  and great friendships would develop.