November 8-9, 2003 – Weekend in the Buffalo Wilderness

Our first weekend away…

Nov. 8th:  We leave from Conway to head toward the Ponca area, and the cabin at Buffalo Outdoor Center for a weekend of some hiking.  Our first spot is Lost Valley, there is no water at the falls but we climbed through one portion of the falls, think it was “Lower Eden Falls”, then climbed in and around “Cobb Cave”.  Climbed through and back into “Eden Falls Cave”.  Pretty Cool!

After leaving Lost Valley we head down the road a bit to the parking area for the hike to Hawksbill Crag.  This site is a pretty popular spot for photo ops.  Especially for Tim Ernst, wilderness photographer.  The hike was quite peaceful, but the view from up on the Crag was incredible.  Its time to head to the cabin, for some dinner which Mike cooks, and a movie or two.

Nov. 9th:  This morning we are up and fixing breakfast… then we are off to Ben Hur, AR and Pedestal Rock.  As we make our way down the trail… we see some strange sites.  A bunch of, well we think, fraternity boys making there way back out.  Carrying huge ice chests, still full of beer, we presume, and also one guy was carrying mass quantities of toilet paper.  Must have gone to Sam’s before the trip.  We got a real good laugh out of that one.  We were sure they were not real hikers.  The rock formations were pretty neat; it would be a great place to do some overnight camping.  There are some nice caves to set up camp…  we’ll have to come back for that!

We head back toward Conway by way of Greer’s Ferry, where Mike has a boat stored…  he is wanting to check on things there.  Afterwards we drop Wendy off where she and I had left our car, and Mike and I go have a bite to eat.  We were quite ready to say goodbye yet from this great weekend together.

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