Merry Christmas 2009

Season’s Blessings to you all…

            As we greet you this Christmas from Colorado you can imagine the changes that have transpired over the last year.

            At the end of 2008 the decision was made to close Mike’s Trucking Brokerage Business and for him to come to Colorado and work for Vail Resorts in Breckenridge.  As I continued to look for a job in the Denver area, I made many visits to Breckenridge during the 2008-2009 ski season.  But no job was found…

            In April our very best friends from Mississippi came to Arkansas and helped me move from our home in Lonoke to an apartment in North Little Rock, as an attempt to make life simpler and prepare for Mike’s return where he would work 2 night jobs while I continued to work for Falcon Jet.

            As you can imagine with the economy being as it is, there were no Grand Adventures this year.  Staying close to home and working was our main activity.

            In August we started to prepare for Mike’s return to Breckenridge to work for the resort, we made one trip to Colorado where we found a place for him to live with and exceptional view of the town and of the Mountains.  Little did we know that this was to be the beginning of our Grandest Adventure of all, next to our marriage itself, of course.

            The economy has done some real damage to the Business Aviation Industry, so much that Falcon Jet has had to lay off many people throughout the year.  In September, I was one of them.  Now this is where the Grandest Adventure comes in.  Instead of preparing for Mike to come to Colorado we decided it was time to start living one of our greatest dreams, and that was our permanent move to Breckenridge.  On October 10th, we pulled into our new place with a U-Haul packed to the ceiling and prepared to start our new life.

            So for now, we both are working for the resort, playing in the snow for a living.  Now I continue to look for jobs that fit my hands better then a snow shovel but for the most part we are living our dream.  Sure it’s hard work, but we sleep very well at night.

            We had found a church in Breckenridge in 2008, Father Dyer United Methodist, which we joined at the end of November of this year as we also celebrated our 5 year wedding anniversary.  The church has wonderful Outreach & Children’s programs where the kids continuously run in and out of every door.  We help with the community meals they serve on Sunday Nights along with a Food Pantry that is open at times during the week.  Mike has been asked to help with the Youth Group and I have been asked to help in arranging some of the food donations from the leftovers from the Breckenridge Banquets and also helping with a website for Habitat for Humanity’s.

            We have made many new friends with the same interests we have here in the mountains.  These mountains have always had a pull on us, for Mike it has been his whole life… for me only a few years.  But it means the same to both of us… we have found a home where we feel our lives belong.  Though we have left family and friends back home in Arkansas… we truly feel we are where we belong.  Sure things are tough and we may struggle from time to time but we are realizing that dreams really do come true.

            So this year and every year remember it’s not the tinsel and lights and the jacked up credit card bills that Christmas is about… remember the true meaning of Christmas and also those less fortunate than ourselves this Holiday Season.

To all of you, we wish you the best this season can bring.

 With Much Love,

Mike & Gail

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