August 2, 2010 – Trail Ridge Road to Estes Park & Back

Today we met some friends in Winter Park and we are driving over Trail Ridge Road over to Estes Park then back.  Trail Ridge Road is the highest continuous paved road in North America.  It starts in a little town called Granby and ends in Rocky Mountain National Park.  Today is not a great day for it, but we have the top of the jeep… on a warm and sunny day its fun because there are lots of photo ops since there is a lot of wildlife along the roadside.  This trip we saw marmot, even baby ones, mule deer, elk and even moose.

On the trip back, we drove on Fall River Road which was the old road before Trail Ridge Road was put in, however now it is only a one-way dirt road now.  But along the road there are magnificent views more wildlife and wildflowers and numerous waterfalls and flowing streams. Lots of places to pull over and stop for a picnic lunch or a short nap… not so sure if you can camp along the road but it sure would be nice if you could!

Fall River Road ends up joining Trail Ridge Road at some point, but it was a nice side trip off the beaten path, and a must see especially on a pretty day…

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