August 5-17 – Mom & Dad Visit Breckenridge

August 8:  Today we arrive at Francies Cabin and we are taking pictures with Mom & Dad in the wildflowers and just pictures of wildflowers & around the cabin.  Once we get the jeep unpacked and Mom & Dad settled in Mike and I take off up Wheeler Trail for a little day hike toward Peak 10.  Later after we return and the men are working on dinner, I take the opportunity to take some pictures of and incredible color filled sunset…

August 9:  Ok don’t tell the forestry service or the wildlife folks or whoever, put dad made friends with a marmot that is living under the hut of the wood burning sauna.  He gave him some of our leftover scrambled eggs and the marmot seemed to appreciate it, even though he didn’t seem to be suffering to much from finding food on his own.  After breakfast Mike and I headed out on another day hike up to Crystal Lake, I think that is what is called.  While on the hike we make it up to the lake just fine but while we are there a storm comes in and it starts thundering and lightening.  So I am like ready to get the heck out of dodge…  Of course we were above timberline, but we make it back down and once back to timberline the sun comes out and everything was fine.  Now why couldn’t it have been sun shining when we were in the “danger zone”?

August 15:  Today we are in Downtown Breckenridge seeing some more wildflowers and going on Mike’s Historical Walking Tour of the town.

August 16:  We took Mom & Dad to the Fun Park at Peak 8, so Dad could ride the Alpine Slide and also so we could take them both up the Colorado Super Chair so they could see the view of the town and the mountains around us and what it looks like from an elevation of 11,059ft.

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