December 20, 2010 – Snowshoeing to Iowa Mill with Phurba (part 2)

“Its a good day to be out playing in the snow…”

Today we are hiking up to Iowa Mill with Phurba.  Besides a little exercise, we are going to do  some avalanche training with beacons and probes.  Mike has had official training at Colorado Mountain School but I have yet to have the training, so he does what he can.

So Mike would put his beacon in his pack and have me turn around and he would bury his pack.  once it was buried I would set my beacon to receive and his was transmit the signal from the buried pack.  I would set out searching for his pack.  Once I dialed in to close to the location, I got the probe out and started sticking the probe down into the snow and found the location of the pack.  I struck the pack with the pack and started digging… and pulled out the pack.

Phurba was a big help in the rescue effort as you can see from the pictures…

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