December 26-29, 2010 – The Angers Visit Breckenridge

“Mike’s sister and family come to Breckenridge for some playtime in the snow…”

December 26:  Vicki, Wally, Kristen & Austin arrived today from Arkansas.  They will be staying with Chelsie for a few days and skiing on the mountain.

I meet them at Chelsie’s and take them to where we have arranged for them to get their ski equipment.  Once obtained we head back and wait for Mike to get off work then we are off again to grab some dinner.

The kids also got some sleds from “Santa” and we took them over to Carter Park to play.  I am not sure who had more fun Austin or Mike…  I took a couple of tumbles myself, but it sure was a good time!

December 27:  Today Austin is in Ski School and while Vicki gets him settled him, I take off with Kristen and take her on a couple of runs.  She really does very well, and I was very impressed since she has only skied a couple of days last year during a spring break trip with her church.  While skiing we swing by where Austin is taking his lessons so we I can take a few pictures.  Can’t get too close, but at least I got something.

After a few runs we take a break and find out that they have called from Ski School and Austin is sick.  So Wally takes him back to the condo and we hang out and wait for Mike to show up from his snowshoe tour, so we can all ski together.

December 28:  Mike and I are at work for Breckenridge Heritage today so Vicki, Wally & the Kids are on their own to ski and shop or do whatever…

December 29:  Another day of work for Mike and I, but this time on the Mountain.  Mike is working the Roller Coaster and I am working at the Kids Castle carpet.  Once I saw Austin skiing down by “Rips-Ride” and from what I could see he was doing a pretty good job.  Later in the day, they came and took a few run on the Roller Coaster.  I think Austin had a pretty good time on it.

Tonight we are off to Keystone for a ride up the Gondola to have dinner at the fondue restaurant Der Fondue Chessel.  If you are ever in the area in the winter…  I highly recommend checking it out.  Plan for dinner to take several hours.  It is a great time for all ages and wonderful food!

December 30:  As the saying goes… all good things must come to an end.  Its time for Vicki, Wally and the kids to head back home to Arkansas.  We enjoyed the time we spent with them and look forward to seeing them and the rest of the family soon.  We wish the a happy and safe journey!

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