Jaunuary 11, 2010 – Gail & Kodi Avalanche Dog Extraordinaire

On a normal day of skiing in Breckenridge, you might come across an Avalanche dog getting some early morning exercise.  Today Mike and I are skiing Peak 7 and we see Josh, one of the Ski Patrol playing with an exceptionally bright and energetic dog name Kodi.  He is my favorite Avy dog and every time I see him I make a point to say hi and pet him.  If you know Australian Shepard’s then I am sure you know how much energy they have.  He had just about worn out Josh, when I decided to join in on the action…  I took his “toy” which was a wound up strand of rope and began throwing it for him.  It was a never ending game of fetch where Kodi would run after rope, dive for it in the snow, and bring it back to me with his head covered in snow.  When I said dive, I really meant it… after several minutes of playing he wore down a little and I was able to take some pictures.  One of these pictures with the American Flag, Kodi, and 3 of the Patrollers was published in the local paper, Summit Daily news.  This was my first in long list of pictures to be published in the future…  I hope!

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