July 13, 2010 – Hike up Imperial

Ok so today is a big test… it’s my first BIG hike since I broke my ankle.  Sure I have been on some short hikes and some walks around town and stuff but no real test, if you know what I mean.  So today we are hiking up above Imperial.  Imperial is the highest chair lift in North America and today we have ridden the Colorado Super Chair and are hiking up to Imperial and to the peak above it, which is Peak 8 at an elevation of 11,059ft.

Once we reached the top we traversed down and met the Wheeler Trail that continues across Peak 9, Peak 10, then down into the valley where Francies Cabin is then ends at _________.  We continue across and meet the County Road above the Peak 9 Restaurant.  At that point we are really starting to do a lot of downhill hiking and my ankle is really starting to bother me.  Mike had packed his Bivy bag and decides its best that he puts me in it and leaves his pack with me and takes off down the road to get the jeep that is parked at the Gondola.  I curled up in the bivy bag and try to take a nap.  By then the wind has picked up dramatically and I have started to get a little chilled, so between my ankle, the wind, and my chill, I am not able to sleep to well so it seems like forever before Mike returns.  But he does, and boy am I glad to see him.  But I still think that was the right decision we made to leave me there…

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