July 4, 2010 – 4th of July in Breckenridge

Ok so the title is a little redundant… so yes we are celebrating the 4th of July in Breckenridge, first with the Breckenridge Heritage Alliance at the Barney Ford Museum, second with the annual parade down main street, and last but not least with the fireworks set of from one of the parking lots downtown.  Man I could have picked a lot better places then that.  I was expecting them to shoot them off the mountain somewhere.  I guess they have their reasons…

We started the day volunteering with Breakfast at the Barney Ford Museum.  It is one of the Breckenridge Heritage Alliances most popular museums and since Mike was working for them they asked if he would help out and so I volunteered to help out as well and also have camera along for the ride.  Plus we got free breakfast and mimosas.  So how could I say no!

Along with the free breakfast it was the perfect location for taking pictures of the parade.  Front and Center of the Grandstand… but then after a while I got pretty tired of taking pictures of every Tom, Dick, & Harry’s Autobody Shop, Hair Salon, Dance Studio or Car Club.  I think I probably took 2000 pictures of the parade and weeded it down to maybe 20.

During the evening, before the fireworks… the symphony played.  It was really good, the weather had turned bad and we figured they weren’t going to have the fireworks… cold and raining.  The fireworks were supposed to be synchronized with the music but we never saw the fireworks until we started walking back to the car.  That is when we saw them being shot off from the gondola parking lot.  So I quickly got the camera and tripod out and shot what I could.  Because of the rain, there was a lot of smoke, so I was pretty disappointed in how the pictures turned out.  Oh well… guess they all can’t be perfect.  Man I sure I could figure out how I could half of them to be perfect.  😦