June 20, 2010 – The Mwangaza Children’s Choir in Breckenridge

Mwangaza – Africa Renewal Ministries

Today at Father Dyer you had a special treat…  the Mwangaza Children’s Choir performed for us during our Morning Service and had a special performance in the evening.

Mwangaza is the Swahili word for “shining light.”

Mwangaza Children’s Choir talented children ages 8-12, who admirably represent the orphaned and poverty-stricken youth of Uganda. Based in Ggaba, Uganda, the choir tours as a ministry outreach of Africa Renewal Ministries to share a special message of hope through original Ugandan song and dance. In the process, the children seek to raise awareness of and resources for the churches, schools, orphanages, medical clinics and child sponsorships that have been established by Africa Renewal Ministries. Visit www.africarenewal.org.

Check out more information about the Mwangaza Children’s Choir at http://www.mwangazachoir.org/

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