June 29, 2010 – A short Hike around the Snowflake Lift and the Reservoir

In one of the neighborhoods in town there is a lift, Snowflake that literally is in the backyards of some of these people.  We have some friends that when they are here in the winter they boot their boots on in the garage step outside and into their skis and straight on to the lift.  Now that is the life.  They let us park in their driveway whenever we want and its great not to have to worry about packing or lift lines etc etc.

Well today there are no lift lines either, but there is also no snow!  We have also traded in our ski boots for hiking boots and are head up this creek along where the lift runs in the winter time.  It’s a beautiful hike that winds its way up the creek and around this reservoir.

While on our little hike today we came across a fox looking for some food.  Up here fox are like stray dogs and cats in a normal neighborhood.  They are everywhere… the sad thing is, is that people have somewhat domesticated these animals by leaving food out for them, so they are really not that afraid of humans.  We have also heard of them coming into people’s homes.  People don’t realize that these are still wild animal that can carry diseases… it is sort of the same with the bear population!

A storm was coming in so we made our way back to the jeep…  Another day another hike!