March 15, 2010 – Stedman Hawkins, Vail

Today we are in Vail seeing Dr. Clantin, with Stedman Hawkins.  However the break is worse the what the original x-rays from the ER showed, so an MRI and an Ultra-Sound were ordered because I have been having some pain in my calf.  As Dr. Clantin suspected, I have developed a blood clot in my calf, and I have 4 broken bones in my ankle, 1 cruised bone, and a fractured fibula, along with all the tendons and ligaments are all torn up.  The other bad news is that because of the blood clot they don’t want to do the surgery in Vail, so they are sending me to Denver to a orthopedic specialist that can work with a radiologist who can put in a blood clot filter prior to the surgery so I won’t be at risk of the clot making it to my heart.  So lets see…  with this new doctor, he will make 4 I have seen so far!