March 17, 2010 – Trip to Denver

So we are in Denver today seeing meeting with the  Orthopedic Surgeon…  he just sort of took one look at everything thing and said, I don’t care what my schedule is, book her for tomorrow.  Mike and I just kind of looked and eachother and said huh?  Dr. Lindberg did not want to wait.  He got the radiology guy on board that was going to put the filter in got everything schedule and we were set.

Mike and I were not prepared for this.  We thought we would have this appointment and then come back to Breckenridge and then have the surgery the following week or something.  Instead… we found a hotel close to the medical center, I stayed there and Mike drove back to Breck and grabbed some clothes all of my prescriptions then came back to Denver… 3 trips in one day!