November 15, 2011 – Snowshoeing to Iowa Mill

“Getting a picture for our Christmas Cards”

Every year we make a special “event”, whether it be just a day hike, backpacking trip, cruise, or some other exotic trip, to get that special once or twice in a lifetime picture for our Christmas Cards.  But this year was going to be different we had our little 4-legged new addition to include in our picture.  So we chose this little hike which we had done numerous times before up to the Iowa Mill, where there were some log fencing that would be covered with snow and I thought would make a great picture… Mike and I with our Red North Face Jackets and Phurba with his red bandana.  But it was a lot easier in thought then in the execution.  We had one of our friends with us to take the pictures so that was not the problems, one of the problems was the maneuvering around the in the snowshoes.  We had to climb up this little hill where the fence was, then get into position without messing up the snow.  Of course I wanted undisturbed snow where you could see no footprints in the pictures…  I guess I could have always have photoshopped them out of the final shot.  But then the other minor little detail, was getting our 4-legged little prince to sit still and smile for the camera.  Boy I sure hope he learns what a camera is and what he is suppose to do when one gets pulled out of a backpack… because if you know me, that kid is going to have a lot of pictures taken in his little life!

After several hundred pictures were shot we were on our way up the trail… a little more photo ops were taken and more snow was thrown around on the little mutt.  All in all in was a fun and successful day!

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