October 11, 2010 – Hike up Placer Valley with Phurba

“Today is Phurba’s first “real” hike I guess…”

We are hiking up Placer Valley.  We have seen this valley for years and never knew what the name of it was.  It’s basically a jeep road and in some places a very rough one.  I think it may be adopted by some 4-Wheel Drive Club or Off-Road Club of some sort.  Mike says he would drive up it part of the way in our jeep, but there are areas that there is no way he would even attempt it.

So along this jeep road there are lots of great camp sites and part of the road goes up to a lake at some point.  We have a friend that hiked with us today and came back later and hiked up to the lake and said the road got a lot worse the closer you got to the lake.

Phurba was really good on his first little hike.  We didn’t have him on the leash and he stayed right with us the whole time.  He was so cute when it came to any type of water crossing… he walked very carefully and cautiously across every water puddle, stream, creek, etc.  Brenesse Mountain Dogs were bred in the Swiss Alps to pull Milk Carts.  As we understand it they were trained that when they crossed any water that they were very careful with their cart so they didn’t spill any of the milk.  So unlike most dogs who like splash and play and roll around in the water, they are very careful when they come to any kind of water.  Now you have had your Bernesse education lesson for today…

So another interesting little thing that our baby boy did, was I was climbing up this hill where Mike had climb up ahead of me to get a better view of the valley.  Phurba had followed Mike and I was following behind, as usual.  I slipped and fell on my bad ankle and yelled out, because it hurt.  Phurba immediately ran to me and laid down and clung to me and wouldn’t move.  I guess it is some built in protection instinct that he has.  He new mommy was hurt and he didn’t like it one bit and he was there to protect me.  He is 9 ½ weeks old and we have only had him for a few days… what is his protective instinct going to be like when he is a mature dog and we have had him for years?

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