October 25-28 – The Mountain Dog Meets the Beach

“The mountain dog meets the beach…”

During our break from our summer job and our winter jobs we were able to make a quick trip back home for a couple of weeks and during that time make a really quick trip to the beach with Mike’s Mom & Dad.

The excuse was that it was kind of a birthday present for me, but we really wanted to get Mike’s Mom out of the house and do something fun.  So we pack the 4 of us in the car… and the 4-legged little guy too and head down the road.  The problem was the little guy isn’t so little anymore and he wanted to be in the front seat with his mommy & daddy where the air conditioning vents were.  Let’s put it this way… he didn’t take to kindly to the heat and humidity of the south.

We make it to the beach with little excitement…  even though dogs are not allowed on the beach we have to take the Mountain Dog down to the ocean to see what he thinks…  its just a good thing that Mike had a leash on him, cause when that first wave broke over at him he did an immediate 180 and if it weren’t for the leash he would have beat us back to Breckenridge.  So needless to say he did not care for the ocean too much, the sand he did mind… I think he thought it was warm snow!  We had to keep a fan blowing on him the whole time we were gone… he is definitely not a southern dog!

All in all we had a great time in Florida and in Arkansas.  Though it was short it was great to see all the family and old friends again.  Hopefully we will be able to go back next year and spend some more time back home.

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