September 19-21 – A visit with Vicki

Mike’s sister Vicki is in Colorado for a few days visiting.  She is her for a conference but was able to squeeze in some time with her big brother, Chelsie and I between meetings.

So we took her to the Fun Park at Peak 8 for a couple of rides on the Alpine Slide… I was physically forced to get on the bungee jump so they could take some humiliating photographs of me. We stopped in at the wine and cheese shop for a little relax time then we took a ride in the jeep up Boreas Pass to see the fall colors just as the sun was setting.

The last day we were able to see her, Mike and I went and picked her up and took her to Vail Village for dinner at one our favorite restaaurants Pepe’s.  Did a little shopping and it was time to say goodbye.  We are pushing to get them to bring the kids out a Christmas… that would be a great time to have them out, even if it just for a short time!

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