September 29-30, 2010 – A special addition to the family

“We get a new addition to the family…”

Years ago while hiking in Taos, NM, Mike and I ran into a couple that had (3) Bernesse Mountain Dogs, (2) Adults & (1) Pup.  They were the most beautiful and incredible animals we had ever seen.  We decided then and there that if we ever had a dog together that that was going to be the one.  Because that animal could hike, climb mountains, backpack, just about do anything with us.  Then one night we were sitting at home watching on the discovery channel a mini-series documentary called “Everest: Beyond the Limit”.  It was a group of people lead by a man named Russel Brice who were attempting to climb Mt. Everest.  Every night when that show was on we were glued to the television.  If you know us… we DO NOT watch TV.  Anyway… Russel Brice has this incredible Sherpa working for him by the name of Phurba Tashi.  This man has saved so many lives.  Once he carried a double amputee on his back a portion of the lower descent of the mountain because the man had gotten more frostbite on what was left of his legs.

The reason I tell you this story, is that one night we were watching this show and Mike turned to me, I can still remember where we were sitting, the expression on his face and how serious he was when he said it, but he said to me, whenever we get a dog we have to name him Phurba.  So though the Tibetans may think it is degrading having a dog named after them, we think its just the opposite.  The Tibetans may not realize how much our dogs mean to us here in the United States.

So that is how Phurba got his name and even though he is only 9 weeks old he has had a name for about 6 years!

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