April 28, 2011 – Preparing for Phurba’s First Camping Trip

“If you have ever had to put trailering boots on a horse you will know what this is like… otherwise, I don’t really know how to visually compare it!”

So we are getting ready for camping season and since we have Phurba with us this year there will be a few extra things to take along.  Luckily his first time out, we are just camping out of the jeep, and we start

backpacking he has his own backpack so we will be carrying his own food, water, toys, and eventually some of Mommy stuff I hope in his backpack.

A lot of dogs up hear wear protective boots to help prevent from cuts and wounds on their paws, especially in the wintertime.  However Phurba’s paws a really tough and we want them to get tougher so we plan on not using the booties for him while hiking…  HOWEVER, we had a big concern about these size XL paws with our expensive camping gear.  So we did opt to get some soft fleece booties for him to wear while he was in the tent.  We had fears of waking up in the middle of the night to a tent filled with down from our Mont Bell -30 Degree Sleeping Bags or wake up shivering from a cold breeze blowing through the tent where he had accidentally ripped a hole in the side of the tent.

So one night we decided to but the booties on to get him use to them.  Of course I had to be the mean mommy and Mike was behind the camera.  He had tried them on in the store and didn’t have a problem with him, I guess he didn’t really think that we would bring them home with us.

Putting them on his is really quite interesting…  I think everyone should try it.  Imagine wrestling with an 120 pound 9 month old that doesn’t want his shoes on.  That is exactly what it is.  And there are 4 feet instead of 4.  We should have actually had this on video instead of still camera.

Hopefully it will get better in time, because when he gets to be 160-170lbs, I think he is going to just about have to put these things on himself…

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