August 20, 2011 – Early morning wake-up call

“I got a great idea…  What???”

It was about 5:25AM this morning when I felt an arm around me and heard… “How do you feel?”  I said “alright”, basically still asleep.  Then I heard, “I have a great idea…  why don’t we go for a hike?”  I said “What time is it?”  Mike said “about 5:25″…  I said “Right Now?”  I knew he was serious.  You can ask my dad, getting me out of bed in the morning is the most difficult part of the day even at 9:00AM, but especially 5:30AM.

After a bit of grunting and groaning I rolled out of bed and got dressed.  This had better be a good hike, I thought to myself.  It was a cool morning… 41 degrees on the temperature gauge as we headed up to the trailhead about 2 or 3 miles from our house.  With our lightweight down sweaters on it was pretty chilly and I had to grab my fleece gloves out of Mike’s backpack.  I guess I had better get use to the colder temperatures, because it won’t be long before we will be getting snow.

Phurba of course was all over the place sniffing of everything and getting soaking wet from the morning dew on the wildflowers and grass he was tromping around in.  He was a happy dog, out for an early morning hike with his mommy & daddy.

Our hike this morning took us to the Sallie Barber Mine which is one of many in the area.   We had never been up this far on the road to the mine, and really didn’t know what we would find on our little trek this morning.  But we were pleasantly surprised when we arrived at the top and found the mine sitting at a little over 10,700ft.

When we made it back to the trailhead we had hiked 3.9 miles with a vertical ascent of a little over 400ft with a top elevation, according to the GPS of 10,718ft.

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