January 9, 2011 – A Day at the Office

“It’s a great day when you can take one of your best friends to work with you…”

Today I am working at the Carter Museum and I am able to bring Phurba with me.  Between visiting guests, I let him out to play around a little.  Its amazing how much this mutt loves the snow.

A little bit about the Edwin Carter Museum…  His name was Edwin Carter and he came to Breckenridge in 1868, like so many, to find his riches in Gold.  However, he realized that the mining was killing the animals and he wanted to do something to preserve them to show future generations the wildlife that was native to the area before the mining killed them off.  He was a taxidermist and collected over 3,300 specimens.  Some still reside in the renovated cabin that was once Edwin Carter’s home and where he did his work and showed his animals.  The majority of his specimens are in the Denver Museum of Nature & Science.  He passed away in 1900 from what most think was caused by the chemicals used in his work in taxidermy.

More About Edwin Carter:

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