June 6-10 – Aspen & Maroon Bells

Camping and enjoying a break in Aspen

This week we are in Aspen, camping at Silver Bell Campground at Maroon Bells recreation area.  Our campsite is along a fast flowing creek, so the sounds of the water will sing us to sleep.

We are here this week while Mike goes to training for Interpretive Guiding for where we work.  If/when he passes he will be a certified guide and from what I understand, he could go just about anywhere to be a tour guide with this certification.

While Mike is in training, Phurba and I are doing some hiking and just relaxing.  One day we hiked up to Crater Lake… to my surprise the upper portion was still covered in snow which made it hard to hike without snowshoes.  But we made it to the lake and it was a beautiful site.  The weather is really nice this week, however the wind made it hard to take any “really” good pictures.

On another day Phurba and I hiked a couple of miles on the Conundrum Trail.  This trail leads to a hot springs about 8 miles down the trail.  We didn’t go too far, turned around and went back to the trailhead.

Phurba and I spent the rest of our time hanging out at the park working on our tans.  Well I worked on my tan while Phurba kept an I out on these obnoxious birds that kept stealing his food.

At the end of each day we would wait for Mike to get done with his class and meet us at the park.  Then we would head back to our campground, fix dinner relax or go for a walk, then climb into the tent for a good nights sleep.  I think Phurba is getting the hang of this camping stuff…

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