September 16, 2011 – Gail & Phurba on the B&B Trail

An afternoon out with the Pup…

Well any day is a good day to get out for a little hike.  But today is special, cause its just Phurba and I going out together.  He always gets to go out with Daddy on his tours, but never out alone with Mommy.

Its a trail not to far from the house, so we just walked up the street and into the woods.  There was nobody out today… do they know something that I don’t?  Anyway we did eventually see a mountain biker, that almost ran us over, and Phurba couldn’t understand why the guy didn’t want to stop and play with him.

Along the way, I took some photos of the interpretative signs that just went up out in French Gulch.  A little work along with the play time…

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