April 6-7, 2012 – Full Moon Bivy on Quandary

Mikes night on Quandary…

Last night I dropped Mike off at the trail head for Quandary.  He has been talking to some folks on 14ers.com about a full moon ascent and bivy on the top.  There were about 40 people making their way out and on the the trail that night, Mike had talked to a guy from Denver that was coming up for the hike and they were going to make the ascent together.  The others were a bit younger then Mike and his new friend, so when they went on without them they were not disappointed.

They started their ascent a little after 8pm and the temperature was pretty cool, but they weren’t too uncomfortable.

Now the way I understand it…  of the approximately 40 people to attempt to summit that evening, Mike and his new friend were the only ones who made and they did spend the night up on the top.  Mike said it was pretty cold up there… and the wind got pretty wild.  He slept in his boots and apparently didn’t even put up his bivy bag because of the wind.  He had placed his water bottle in the inside pocket of his Mountain Hardware expedition jacket and when he woke the next morning, I think it was just a few hours, the water was frozen solid.

They watched the moon set and the sun rise and then headed back down the mountain.  He was one tired puppy when he rolled into work this morning…  it was a long day for him but I think he feels that it was worth it!

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