February 28, 2012 – Failed attempt to reach Ken’s Cabin

Unable to reach Ken’s Cabin…

This morning started out to be a great day.  The sun was shining and though we had gotten in late last night from our flight from Little Rock… everything seemed to be a good day.

We had our A/T skis on and we departed from the trail head at about 9:15 there wasn’t a cloud in the sky, no bad weather in the forecast,  and we thought today’s trip was going to be an easy one.

I started to have problems with my feet, so much that it was hard going for me, so changed into my Sorel boots and we keep marching on.  Somewhere along the trek I twisted my knee and though we didn’t think there was anything seriously wrong with, it just hurt like a devil with every step.

The weather turned BAD…  remember nothing was forecast, but a freak storm showed up and we had white out conditions that made it even slower going.  We dropped Mike’s pack and he carried mine for a while, but the knee was getting worse and so were the conditions.

Mike dug a big hole in the snow and put me in it covered up with a sleeping bag, while he made contact with Search and Rescue.  There were other people on the trail and we went sure it they had made it through the storm either.

Several hours went by and no SAR… Mike was in phone contact with them but due to the conditions there was no visibility and it had snowed so much that the snowmobiles were getting stuck.  Only one was able to make it to our location, and once he arrived Mike told him to get me out of there and come back for him once I was safe.  I really remember what the elapsed time was for everything, but we called 911 around 6pm that evening and when I made it to the ambulance it was midnight.  They didn’t get back to Mike until 1am that morning.  He arrived at the emergency room where he found me with a brace on my knee.  Nothing broken just a sprained knee.  Mike, on the other hand, suffered from some frost bite on his nose and tips of his fingers.  The main thing is that we survived a very interesting situation.  Man I am glad Mike stays calm and has been trained to know the right things to do in these circumstances.

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