January 17 – 18, 2012 – The Baileys come to Colorado

Long time Friend comes to our playground…

So many many years ago there were these two boys that played together in Little Rock and as I have heard it, use to take baths together.  They did EVERYTHING together…  except one thing, well there may be others, but I am not going there.  They had never skied together!

Mike’s long time best friend Curtis brought his wife and littlest precious girl out to Breckenridge for a couple of days of playing in the snow.  It had been several years since Curtis had skied, and his wife Dawn and little girl Lindley, had never skied.

So we had put Dawn and Lindley in Ski School and took Curtis up the mountain.  They say certain things are like riding bicycles, you get back on and you can ride.  Man we were cruising…  and Curtis was having a GREAT time.

The second day we were able to take Dawn and Lindley up the lift and ski down with Lindley.  I am not sure she was too thrilled about the lift experience, but I think everybody had a good time.

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