January 31, 2012 – Skiing Keystone

A great day to be on the slopes…

Well today was not “suppose” to be that great of a day.  I figured I would be skiing alone, while Mike was off to Jury Duty!  However… we got a pleasant surprise last night, when Mike called the courts and they said the trial had been cancelled.  So yippee we have a day off together.

Our plan was to go to Arapahoe Basin, however we heard the conditions weren’t so great, so we decided on Keystone.  Mike has gotten to be buddies with this community service guy, the one that writes all the parking tickets in town, a good guy to know right?  Anyway Mike asked him if he had ever skied Keystone, he said no, so he then asked if he would like to join us.  Tom said sure and they worked out the arrangements for the next day.

This morning we arrived at the police station to pick up Tom…  a snowboarder, he has 2 strikes against him already, but I won’t tell you what the other one is.

We get to Keystone and there is like NOBODY there…  a good day to be on the mountain.  We make our way up the gondola and start showing Tom around the place.  The slopes are a little icy, but we figure it will soften up as it warms up and the sun starts shining on the runs.

Have I said it was a great day to be on the mountain?  By the end of the day we…

  • Skied 6 hours
  • Rode lifts 16 times
  • Traversed 26,291ft
  • And got our picture taken…

It was a GREAT day!

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