June 20, 2012 – Mike on Democrat, Lincoln & Bross

Climbing (4) 14ers…

Ok so one is not “technically” considered a 14er because of the elevation change between the two peaks, but today Mike climbed (4) 14ers.  Mt Democrat, Mt Cameron (debatable 14er), Mt Lincoln, and Mt Bross.  He did not get to the summit of Mt Bross because it is on private property, but he did get to the highest point he could get to on the peak.

He told me that coming down Bross was an experience and that I would not have liked it at all…  there were people coming down, that apparently had no business being up there, so he followed them down to make sure nobody ended up hurt from their decent.

Mt Lincoln, he said, was the nicest summit of all of them, and said that I would like climbing it… maybe next time!  The images below are mostly from Lincoln or views from there.

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