December 7, 2013 – Lighting of Breckenridge

Christmas is going to the dogs…

20131207 - Lighting of Breck - 001 Every year in Breckenridge we have the “Lighting of Breckenridge”.  With this event, several things happen… Ullr, the Snow God, has been working hard lately and he has provided us with a great start to this winters ski season.  He was on hand to start the festivities…

We have the Running of the Santa’s, where 100 folks dress up like Santa and run through the streets of Breckenridge.  Imagine the confusion for the little ones…  I heard a kid during the event ask his mom, “well which one is the real Santa?”  How would you like to explain that one?

After the running there is the Bernese Mountain Dog Parade, where of 20131207 - Lighting of Breck - 011course we had the star attraction.  This year Phurba participated and pulled two lucky little girls in his cart up main street.  He was a big hit as you can imagine!  The Berners lead the way for Santa who normally rides into town in a horse drawn carriage, but guess the driver of the horses went on strike or something this year and he road in on a Volkswagen Rabbit!

Once Santa arrives at Blue River Plaza, he then lights the Christmas lights in the plaza, which is the official beginning of the holiday season.  We were on had to record all the festivities.  Check it out!

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