October 10, 2013 – Booth Falls Trail

Windsday in the Eagles Nest Wilderness…

Today, Thursday 10/10, we took Phurba out for a hike… we got a new map of the area near our place and have been wanting to check out some of the many hikes that are really close to our own back door.

Today we decided to head a few miles up I-70 into Vail, CO and do the Booth Falls trail.   The winter weather was coming in, but we wanted to get out anyway and get the mutt some exercise.

WinniethePoohandtheBlusteryDayIt was a cool day, but was really nice when we got to the trailhead and started uphill!  It was a steep climb at the beginning, actually the trail was pretty steep most of the way.  We had gone about a mile when the wind picked up… when I say picked up, that is sort of an understatement.  It looked like a scene from “Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery Day”!

As we continued up…  the wind subsided, some and the ice pellets started to fall, then it turned into snow.  Phurba, of course was thrilled and as the snow started to pile up along the trail, the more he had to roll in it.  He was happy before, but now he was the happiest dog alive, with his favorite thing in the world back for another winter.

At about 2 miles and an elevation gain of about 1300 feet, we came to the 60 foot water fall that we had come to see…  however with the snow falling hard by this point, there was not a good chance for a great photo op of the falls.  That will have to wait for some other day in the future.

Our total adventure today took us about 4 miles, round trip, and the 1300 foot ascent to the falls.  Traveling down was quite interesting as the trail was steep going up, which made it hard to go down it with the mud and the addition of the snow on the rocks.

But we all made it back safe and it was a great day in the beautiful Colorado backcountry!

Check out the pics below…

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