September 10, 2013 – Lily Pad Lake

Out playing in our back yard…

Well its been a long summer and have been working hard…  so now its time to settle into our new place and check out our back yard.  We have this great wilderness area literally in our back yard.  Ok maybe not literally, but its only about a mile away and there are some great hikes out there that we have yet to explore so today we are out doing one of them.

Lily pad lake is a short hike to…  you guessed it, a lake that is covered with lily pads.  What a concept right!  They were really thinking outside the box when they created this name.  Its a haven for wildlife, of course we didn’t see any…  except the ducks that Phurba tried to play with.  You know when he ran and jumped in their little pond, they didn’t even budge.  That was a shocker…

The hike was 2.8 miles round trip with an elevation gain of only 92 ft.

Check out the pics:

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