April 27-30 – Fort Walton Beach, Florida

A couple of days on the beach…

20140428 - Spring Trip - 109Since Mike’s mom & dad love the beach, we decided to make a quick trip of it and take them to Fort Walton Beach.

We left early Sunday morning and made good time driving to the beach.  Arriving in the late afternoon we were able to take a short walk on the beach before having dinner and settling in for the night.

The next day was AWESOME!!!  Beautiful clear blue sky with a slight breeze that made the heat, that we are not use to, very pleasant.  It was great to see them enjoying the day and having both of them on the beach with us for the whole day…

Tuesday was not so great…  the rain came in and we never got any time to spend on the beach.  At least we had the one good day!  We did get all “dolled” up and went out to dinner.  I fixed mom’s hair… I think dad was slightly impressed with that!  Since this was our only night out on the town… we went to our favorite, sort of go to place, where we always have to eat when down on the beach…  AJ’s Seafood & Oyster Bar, Destin.  We had a great meal, despite me having to sit across from dad while he ate oysters…  YUCK!  LOL

Well the storm kept coming through the night and when we got up the next morning and packed up to leave, we had a rude awakening.  Since it had rained so much, there was flooding all around us.  The highway we drive on to head towards home was flooded and we had to travel east and then north about an hour or longer out of our way.  The damage to the roads due to the flooding was everywhere… we made it but it was slow going for a while.  It seemed like it took us forever to get home.  But thanks to my wonderful hubby, Mike, he drove us safely back to Little Rock.

We love the beach…  no matter how long or short of a time we get to spend there.  Don’t worry Fort Walton…  we’ll be back!


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