June 4, 2014 – Booth Falls with Greg & Emily

A day not working is never a bad thing when you are out with friends and our dogs…

Booth Falls

Booth Falls

Today we went to Booth Falls at East Vail, CO.  Of course Phurba came along, but we also brought our neighbor friends Greg, Emily & their dog Jupiter.  Jupiter is an ex sled dog, and I think he had just about as good of a time playing as Phurba did.

About the hike… Booth Creek Trail #2011“The Booth Lake trail begins at Booth Creek Road and ends at Booth Lake: The trail climbs up the Booth Creek valley through mostly aspen groves before passing the 60-foot Booth Falls. Beyond the falls the trail winds through conifer forests and meadows filled with wildflowers. Above 10,000 feet the trees thin and the terrain changes offering views of the Gore Range. The last 1/4 mile to Booth Lake is steep and rocky.”

So according to our “somewhat trusty” GPS…  it says that we hiked 5.3 miles with an elevation change of 1596ft.  I think it may be a little off, but we are going to go with that.  This hike is in the Eagles Nest Wilderness area.

It was a very pretty bright sunshiny day which is great for the hike… but not so great for the pictures.  But I took them anyway…  check them out!


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