•April 24 – May 26, 2016 – Our Spring Adventure, aka Mud Season Break

20160424- Spring Adventure - 0001.JPGDay 1, April 24:  So our Spring Adventure 2016 has begun…  It started on the 24th of April, after saying farewell to the winter season at our end of the season party from work.  We then packed up Charlie, my Mini Cooper,  with Phurba in the back and we hit the road.  When Charlie came into the family last September I don’t think this poor little car new what he was getting himself into!

Day 2, April 25:  After a quick nights stay in Hays, Ks, we made it into Little Rock in the early evening on the 25th.

Day 3 – 5, April 26-28:  We will spend a few days in Little Rock, then head southeast to 20160427- Spring Adventure - 0010Florida, which will be our home away from home for 2 weeks.  So looking forward to some beach chill time…  While in Little Rock I had to get on the water, so I tried out the paddle board.  Pretty slow start, but was getting the hang of it, until I saw a snake in the water next to me and decided it was time to go.  I don’t think I have ever paddle faster.  Told Mike it was time to go!  I don’t do snakes…

20160501- Spring Adventure - 0006.JPGDay 6, April 29:  On the road again… Oh wait isn’t that a song?  Heading further south to Florida.  We will spend a couple of nights with our friends in Milton, FL, before getting into our condo on May 1st.  Jimmy and Lois are friends from Florida and in Colorado.  They spend a lot of time in our neck of the woods, and when they visited us last fall we took them floating on the Blue River and the Colorado.  This time they are going to show us a couple of their 20160430 - Spring Adventure - 0002favorite float spots.  Can’t wait to get on the warm waters of Florida after a long winter!

Day 7, April 30:  Canoeing the Blackwater River, was a little different kind of water then we have seen floating before, but as we understand it, the water does get a lot clearer once the water level lowers.  The water was clear but more of a tea or coffee color because of the tannic water.

20160501 - Spring Adventure - 0003a.jpgDay 8, May 1:  It’s beach time…  it always feels when you arrive here at the condo at Seaspray, Fort Walton Beach.  Mike has been coming here since before Chelsie was born, and he started bringing me here in 2004.  We love it here… nothing fancy, no high-rise monster.  Just a laid-back place with a beautiful private beach to relax.

Day 9, May 2:  The day was spent hanging out on the beach, then driving over near crab island where we launched the paddle board.  I am getting pretty steady on the thing, doesn’t take me near as long to get up on my feet as it use to.  Was surprised when my physical therapist said that paddle boarding would be good for my back.  I have been off work since March 15th because of an injury, so when she said an activity would be good, I jumped on the chance to do something other then just sit around or walk.  Mike isn’t as brave as I am… yet!  We will see if he gets up on his feet someday… maybe… or not!

Day 10, May 3:  Its raining this morning, 😦  so we are inside and I am working on the website and doing laundry.  Guess you gotta have those days to get something accomplished.  Hopefully it wont last too long.  I gotta work on my tan!

Day 11, May 4:  We went diving today…  started out in the pool and then progressed to a shore dive.  When we first got to the beach there were a bunch of dolphins swimming barely off shore… so I grabbed the paddle board and paddled out to them.  They stayed just out of reach and so my videos weren’t as close up and clear as I would have like.  After setting the paddle board aside we grabbed the scuba gear and headed out to deeper waters.  There wasn’t a lot to see but it sure was fun to get to the bottom of things!

The day went by just relaxing on the beach, nothing major until the dolphins came back and I started chasing them around again on the paddle board.  Every time I seem to get just a little closer… maybe one of these days I will get some really good footage of them.

Day 12, May 5:  Cinco de Mayo – Paddling Turkey Creek on Eglin AFB, with Jimmy and Lois.

May 13, May 6:  Dad arrives…  (more to come)