Hiking & Backpacking


  • Ouachita Trail:  223-mile (359 km) long, continuous hiking trail through the Ouachita Mountains of Oklahoma and Arkansas. The trail is primarily a hiking and backpacking trail, but about 2/3 of the trail are available to mountain bikers.
  • Ozark Highlands Trail:  The Ozark Highlands Trail, a National Recreation hiking trail now 233 miles long stretching from Lake Fort Smith State Park to the White River near Norfork, Arkansas.  The OHT is not complete.  It will eventually extend to the Missouri line at Lake Norfork where it will connect to the Ozark Trail being built across Missouri to St. Louis, nearly a thousand miles of trail spanning the Ozarks!
  • Buffalo River Trail:  The Buffalo River Trail is a hiking and backpacking trail that follows the path of the Buffalo National River in Arkansas. The trail is thirty-seven miles long, and runs from Boxley Valley, Arkansas to Pruitt, Arkansas.  Here is another site with some more information on the BRT or you can just do a search for it.  http://activities.wildernet.com/pages/activity.cfm?actid=akspbrio*53297hw

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