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This is Phurba’s page… anything you might want to know about him and his breed.

He was born July 24, 2010 and he is a Bernese Mountain Dog.  We keep saying he is the child we never had… its funny how a dog can pick up its owners personalities.  He is a real character, so what does that say about us?

Phurba at 9 weeks

He was bred and raised on an Amish Farm in Iowa.  When we went to get him, we had 17 puppies to pick from and of course he was the best in the whole barn.  He was 9 weeks old when we got him and weighed just 19lbs.  Last time he was weighed, he was 9 months old and Mike decided that was the last time he was going to pick him up to weigh him…  he weighed in at 130lbs.  He is a VERY big baby and is a momma’s boy.

Everywhere we go people say he is the most beautiful dog they have ever seen, I can’t really blame them for that, cause we think the same thing.  He is a “REAL” superstar… has been in a TV commercial, the resort website, and was just in a photo shoot for a Cabella’s Sporting Good catalog.  So keep your eyes peeled for that…

He loves going for walks and especially playing in the snow.  He has also gotten into the camping, once he got use to his fleece booties we have to put on him, so his paws don’t tear up the tent or the sleeping bags.

For more information about Berenese Mountains Dogs and how wonderful they are…  Check out these links below:

Check back frequently for updates and new additions to the pictures of our “little” boy.

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